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Question: What are the differences between extension types?

Keratin Bond Extensions

Keratin Bonds are individual extension pieces with a bond made up of the same material as your hair.  When it is heated, it bonds your hair with extensions on a molecular level.  This makes Keratin Bond very versatile and seamless. I love using this method for clients that want a seamless method. It moves with your hair and is undetectable. I can customize this method for your hair based on texture, density and color. The move up for this method can be from 8- 16 weeks. The hair cannot be reused from Keratin Bonds. Many celebrities wear Keratin bonds by Great Lengths because it is the highest quality of hair on the market. It is sourced directly from Indian temples.

Keratin Bond Extensions
Keratin Bond extensions
Shrink Link Extensions

Shrink Link Extensions are similar to I-tips but instead of using a metal bead, it’s a plastic bead that “shrinks” when heated to your extension and your hair, creating a bond between them.  This method used to be more popular. Over time it has taken a back seat to the better products now available so it’s just not my go to method.  I do have a few clients that have found this works great on their hair though, so I’m totally able to use what they prefer.  Sometimes the bead on i-tips is too heavy for someone’s hair and the keratin bond isn’t reusable hair. So Shrink Links are the solution that meets those specific needs.

Shrink Link Extensions
Shrink Link Extensions
Micro I-Tip Extensions

Micro I-tip extensions are so baby fine they are seamless on the top of your head using a micro bead and micro extension. These are perfect for filling in your bangs or adding fullness to the top crown.

The “move up” is at 4 weeks because these are placed on top of the head and would show if not moved up on schedule.

I have some Clients that would not know what to do if this method wasn’t available. They are that wonderful.  Sometimes you will get breakage in your bangs or the top if your hair is thinning. These micros are the easiest solution to those problems.

The beads used for I-Tip extensions are very small and cleverly hold both your own hair and the extension.  This tiny metal bead is lined with silicone so it’s soft enough to be crimped down comfortably.  With the bead I- tip the “move up” is between 6-8 weeks. The hair can be reused and is easy to remove.

The I-tip Extensions I use are from The Hair Shop.

Micro I-Tip Extensions
Micro-tip Hair Extensions
Tape extensions can add volume and balance

Tape Extensions are literally taped in.  They can be done in just a few strategic places if you need to balance unevenness or to add a little volume.  The “move up” is sooner but you can use less this way, often times making them more affordable.  Tape extensions are reusable.

Some of my clients wear tape extensions just above their ears for fullness.  Others love to use them in shorter pieces around their face.  For many, a blend between tape extensions and still another method is ideal. 

Come see me, let’s have a consultation to see what you like and what will work best for you.  The Tape extensions I prefer are made by Great Lengths, Perfectress , Babe Extensions and Smart tabs.

Tape Extensions
Great Lengths Tape Extensions
Taped Hair Extensions
Great Lengths Taped Extensions


Question: What can extensions do for me?


Although most extension pictures are of girls with their hair long and flowing, Braids are back and they look amazing with extensions. 

You can have all these soft twists and stylish braids with extensions. I use braids when I’m at the beach, jet skiing and even under my hat when we’re snowboarding. Keeping it simple, braids allow you to have many more options with long hair. Add a cute pink bow for Valentines, a colorful one for Spring Break or Summer fun hair, because bows are always in style.

Braids can be convenient for changing up your look, being playful and outdoor but they are so versatile, you can dress them up for a special evening out.  Want long hair to braid?  Extensions give you options and make your hair more playful.

Braided extensions
Braided Hair Extensions
Hair Extensions can take the wait out

Leslie is so fun. She likes to change up her look from time to time. Recently she wanted short hair and she looked really cute with it. But after a few months, she then decided she wanted it longer again.

Has that ever happened to you? Change used to only happen in terms of years. But with extensions, when you decide to go longer, the wait is completely taken out of the equation.

Do what Leslie has done – Take the wait out, right away.

Take the wait out
Leslie took the wait out


All my clients are beautiful, but one is a bona fide contestant headed for Miss California, representing as Miss Granite Bay. She knows hair is a big part of her photos, first impressions and overall beauty.
Wish you could know her like I do, she’s not just beautiful but a talented achiever. Can you guess what helps her hair look this amazing? Extensions of course!

Miss Granite Bay
All my clients are beautiful


This is hair magic and it can happen for you. It’s why I love my job. Helping others create their magic takes a few hours, not years!

Hand tied extensions done by someone who cares for your hair long term is really important. I’m that someone.

Invest in some magic of your own!

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