Extensions are the BEST way to enhance the beauty of your hair.

With so many different kinds of products, it’s hard to invest time or money until you know what is best for you.


Extensions are my passion

I’ve been trained by the best in New York and Los Angeles and will guide you in your transformation.

My obsession with extensions began in 2011 as I was recovering from surgeries and realized my hair was thin and breaking. I tried clip ins at first, but I didn’t like taking them out or putting them back in. So my journey began.

I started using different methods and brands and discovered that there are not many hair stylists that truly understand what hair extensions do or mean to a woman. Education is very important to me, I want to continue to offer the newest trends and best extension method for every one of my clients.

I am experienced in everything that the industry has to offer like:

  • Invisible Beaded Extensions
  • Tape extensions
  • I-Tips
  • Micro-I-Tips
  • Shrink links
  • Keratin Bond
  • Hand Tied Beaded Wefts – I love these extensions and I have many clients wearing them. I’ve been certified with NBR since 2014.

Right now Invisible Beaded Extensions are starting to become very popular.  I also do a beading that is similar to the Kacey Welch method.

I’ve learned over time that some methods work better for different hair types. I’ve also created a hand tied beaded method that is my own and I stand behind it.

Toppers, The Hot Trend Now

They’re soft & silky, with beautiful, voluminous transformations.

Extension Toppers Create Beautiful Hair Volume

Toppers conceal hair loss as well as new growth between colors. Their volume truly transforms your crown Instantly. It takes only a moment to put one in. You can even get bangs without any “grow out” commitment. 100% real human hair, blended naturally with your own hair. I customize them for you so no one will even know. Come see me about a topper for your crown.Toppers conceal hair loss as well as new growth color

Truly Invisible Beaded Extensions

I’m fully certified.

Invisible Beaded Extensions (IBE’s) solve 3 major problems.

  • No more damage
  • No discomfort
  • Not visible

Hair Extension Toppers Braid EasilyComplete versatility in styling options. Braids & Updo’s are easy with invisible extensions.

Invisible Beaded Hair Extensions

Schedule a Consultation

In a consultation we’ll determine:

  • What is best for your hair
  • What will achieve your desired look
  • What you can maintain
  • What you can afford

I search out every kind of hair and wear it for at least 6 months before offering it to my clients. I have several different kinds of hair to meet my client’s needs and all hair is high quality 100% Remi human hair.

The health of your hair is very important to me. I always do a 2 week follow up with new extension methods to make sure you can take care of them. I also look to make sure your hair is not in stress.

Extensions can be addicting because our hair just never looks as great as it does with extensions, but sometimes we decide to live without them. It’s important to realize that you will be able to take them out and your hair will still be in good health.

My goal is to meet your highest expectations.

Take a look through my client photo gallery for some ideas or bring me a picture of the style you desire.

Contact me to schedule a consultation and we’ll get started!

Will extensions work for me?

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